Advanced Printed Circuit Boards

We support our customer’s design and develop for a new tomorrow!

An independent technology company

Eurotronics is an independent technology company that delivers state-of-the-art printed circuit board technologies to the unique requirements of each customer.

Our business consists of technical customer support during the design for manufacturing (DfM) process, manufacturing and marketing of advanced printed circuit boards for amongst others microelectronics, optoelectronics, R&D, satellite navigation, renewable energy, industrial, medical and numerous other professional high-tech applications.

Exceptional PCB technologies

Besides standard (HDI) printed circuit board technologies, Eurotronics adapts to the ongoing market trend towards miniaturization: ever thinner and ever more highly integrated printed circuit boards. 

We offer advanced capabilities ranging from ultra-fine line production with copper filled stacked micro vias to the processing of ultra-thin base materials and the manufacture of complex rigid-flex substrates incorporating bookbinder and window technology. 

Small enough to think BIG!

As an electronics company we’re not really among the big guys, meaning we’re small enough to do things differently. This makes us flexible and innovative. It enables us to produce specific niche products, choosing new sustainable materials and technologies. And to partner with genuine production facilities and innovative entrepreneurs.

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